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Nothing Achieves Credibility Like a Book:
I want to help you write and publish it.

You are an expert in your field. It's time to reap the benefits that only a published book can provide. From professional recognition to speaking engagements to media credibility, a well-written book provides access to the broad range of benefits earned by your years of experience.


I have spent 20 years writing for major publishers and non-fiction television networks. My specialty is making technically challenging subjects understandable and compelling for the broadest possible range of readers, or staying tightly-focused on a specific audience. I can do the same for you.


I've written on many subjects including leadership, innovation, space exploration, health & wellness, jewelry, architecture, civil engineering, science fiction, media theory, and much more. All have been for major New York publishing houses and established television networks, and have sold well and generated royalties. All of my books have been sold from proposals that I created. This is also a service that I offer.


I have experience with both TV and radio interviews and placement, with hundreds of media appearances, many of which were self-booked.


I will help you to create a book that is lively, compelling, engaging, understandable, authoritative and publishable.


"The best recent overview of Mars        

  exploration..." The Washington Post

  on Destination Mars

Contact me now, 
and let's get started!

Ready to Begin?

Partial List of Services:

• Book authoring & Co-authoring (non-credited or credited)

• Content editing

• Images & Illustration

• Book proposal creation

• Book and E-book services

• Publishing consultation

• Media/PR (radio and TV) consultation

• Social media consultation

• Book video trailers



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