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The Ghostwriting/Editorial Process



Writing a book is a time-consuming and intense endeavor. Talk to ten people at a party, and nine will tell you that they have always thought they should write a book, but just cannot find the time... or are waiting until a) the kids are grown up, b) they get a raise, c) they get their next promotion, et cetera, et cetera. In truth, most never will. The few that do try will, for the most part, be stymied by one of a number of factors, but most who do begin do not finish, and those who finish rarely publish in a meaningful venue.


But this need not be your story. Authoring and publishing is more about inspiration, tenacity, discipline and just plain old stubborness. And having the proper help and guidance when it's most valuable. That's where I come in.



I'll take your materials, in whatever condition and stage they might be, and work with you to round-out your concept. Then we will expand that concpt into a table of contents. Next comes the research phase, where we flesh-out your book and discover what else might be included. 


With the formative stages completed, it's time to write the book. Some authors want to write the first pass and have their ghostwriter work from that, others want to supply a few notes and have the book written for them. Most fall somewhere in-between. All approaches are valid. There are as many of them as there are ghostwritten books. It's up to you.



Writing a book draft is often like cooking... combine the ingredients and hope that it comes out the way you want. Books rarely do. Once we have completed a first draft, it's time to edit. If writing is cooking, editing is sculpting. The mass of clay that is a first draft is molded, shaped, refined and tightened. The goal is to end up with a manuscript that is just enough of everything and not too much of anything. That manuscript must be scrupulously checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and more. Even major New York publishers miss errors in their publications. Our goal will be to have none.



The best wrting compliment I have ever recieved was from a tough NY publisher, who upon reading a science book I had authored (which had been a particularly tough assignment; it was an exercise in making the technical readable), said "This book reads like an adventure novel!" I could not have asked for more. The reviewers agreed. 



You may also be seeking help to create a book proposal in order to sell it to a publisher. I have created many proposals, and have an average 70% success rate in closing deals on proposals delivered. I can create a compelling proposal for you, and help you create a focused list of publishers and agents to deliver it to. My experience in the contemporary publishing market can save you months of effort and heartache. And if I cannot help you in a given area, for whatever reason, I won't waste your time or money – I'll tell you so and do my best to refer you to someone who can.



You've probably heard that the book business is in upheaval. But this has also created opportunity, and the plain truth is that it's easier to get your work published than at any time in the past, and to get it in front of the right people and achieve your goals. Marketing and sales are still a challenge, but the tools to do so are more author-friendly than ever. You just need to know what they are and how to use them properly and powerfully.



Hiring a ghostwriter is not a trivial decision. Do your research, talk to a few people and make a choice. It's important to be sympatico with your ghostwriter and make sure that you will be understood and valued as a client. The process is rarely inexpensive (there are exceptions), and many such projects are abandoned for lack of a positive experience. My goal is to give you the rewarding experience you seek, complete your book, and get it into print and on the market.


I am available for consultation and quotes by request. 

Media News

2015 has been busy. I do regular appearances on KFI, LA's 50,000 watt market leader with Bill Handel, and bi-weekly appearances on WCHS radio consortium in WV, DV, Maryland and other states with Dave Weekly.


I recently was invited to speak with three other delightful space authors at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and to present to the MIT/Stanford California Innovation Association.


In September 2014 I was the keynote speaker at the "2014 Solver's Symposium" for a Fortune 500 company in Houston. 


There are no secrets to getting media attention, it's a learned process that I can help you with.


It all begins with writing your book!


Selected Reviews

For "Innovation the NASA Way" published by McGraw-Hill, 2014:


“A gripping history of NASA. . . . Riveting . . . [the] writing is superb.” 
– Library Journal 

"A unique and absorbing book..."
– Leonard David, 

"In “Innovation the NASA Way”, Rod Pyle reminds us of many less-well-known examples of NASA innovation. Each of these examples is a compelling story of innovation as he reminds us that sometimes innovation is a thing of the spirit, a core belief and strength. My belief is that NASA’s primary value to society is as an engine of innovation. Reading this book is an affirmation of that belief."
– Lori Garver, NASA Deputy Administrator

From building rocket engines to exploring Mars and beyond, Rod Pyle has written a very readable and eminently practical volume that documents the challenges, solutions, and lessons learned from NASA’s storied history. To read it is to be inspired to recreate in today’s challenging world NASA’s daring, boldness and passion.
– Steven J. Dick, Former NASA Chief Historian 


Many more available at

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